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Cadi a'r Môr Ladron - Bethan Gwanas

*For Welsh review see language toggle switch*

(suggested) reading age: 6-9+

(children learning to read independently or transitioning from picturebooks to chapterbooks)

(suggested) interest age: 5+


A short review by Siân Vaughan, Welsh Advisory Teacher, Conwy County

Another of Cadi and Mabon's adventures as they have a mini-holiday at grandma's cottage in Pembrokeshire over Easter. Whilst their Mum and Grandma are busy in the garden Cadi and Mabon go down to the beach to play. While digging for treasure on the beach they come across a treasure chest and are captured by a sea lion. We soon get to meet colourful characters aboard the Pirate ship Byrti Biws.

Again, as with other books in the Cadi series, we get a number of important messages within the story, such as how it’s not right to steal from others. Cadi and Mabon have many adventures on board and we learn quite a bit about the everyday life of a pirate through the eyes of the motley crew of the Blodwen.

This is another story written in an accessible language for children to read and understand. It includes both south and north Wales dialects and as there are a few different names for things depending on your dialect. Children will love discussing the life of a Pirate - a subject that always appeals to children of this age.


Publisher: Y Lolfa

Released: 2022

Price: £6.99

Format: Hardback


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