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Siani Pob Man - Valériane Leblond a Morfudd Bevan

*For Welsh, see language toggle switch*

(suggested) reading age: 6+

(suggested) interest age: 4+


This is a new book by Valériane Leblond and Morfudd Bevan. You may be familiar with Valériane's work after reading her lovely book The Quilt. This book, Siani Pob Man, is equally impressive and typical of Valériane's delicate and observant artwork. The colours on the canvas are reminiscent of the sand on the beach, and you’ll find some interesting information in the back of the book about the process of painting the illustrations. The author of the text is Morfudd Bevan, a curator at the National Library with links to the area.

Before reading the story, I’ll admit, I didn't realise that this was a story about a real person!

Siani Pob Man would often be seen sitting outside her whitewashed cottage on the beach, more often than not, with her chickens. A rather eccentric character, she became popular with visitors and would sing rhymes or tell the fortunes apparently.

It’s so important that we remember individuals such as Siani Pob Man, as they are an important part of our local history. I can think of a few local characters from my own area who’ve left us, and I doubt that many people would even be aware that they existed at all. I’m pleased the author has decided to share this quirky little story, to ensure that the story of Siani Pob Man endures.

Thanks to the author's diligent research and Valériane's artwork, Siani’s story comes alive and is shared with the rest of Wales, beyond the Ceredigion area. Reading the book is certainly a good excuse to visit New Quay next time I'm in the area.


Publisher: Y Lolfa

Format: Clawr Caled

Released: 2022

Price: £7.99



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