Sôn Am Lyfra [Talk about Books]  is a website created specially as an online platform to share information and reviews and just about anything about Welsh books for children and young people. 

It can be difficult for kids and parents to know which books are most appropriate to read, in terms of reading level, content or topics. Sometimes, you just want a little bit more information before buying...

Well - now we've landed!

 Sôn Am Lyfra's primary aim is to make it easier for pupils and parents to pick the perfect book

Everything will be bilingual and we welcome parents and children who are learning or don't speak Welsh, but would like a little bit of help navigating the confusing, but rewarding world of Welsh books. 

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Miss Jones, Teacher

This is a handy website for picking the best books to read in class.

Erin, 10 years old

I look for the most popular books here then I read them first!

Greg, parent

We don't speak Welsh at home so it's hard to know which books are appropriate sometimes. This is a big help.

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Nid ydym yn gyfrifol am gynnwys gwefannau allanol.

Menter gwirfoddol yw Sôn am Lyfra sy’n darparu adolygiadau dwyieithog o lyfrau Cymraeg i blant a phobl ifanc. Bydd hefyd yn cynnig llwyfan i sgyrsiau a thrafodaethau am lyfrau. Rydym yn gweithredu’n gwbl annibynnol ac yn gwerthfawrogi unrhyw roddion all ein helpu i gyflawni'r nodau hyn.  Bydd eich rhodd yn help i ni gynnal y gwasanaeth.


Sôn am Lyfra is a voluntary venture that provides bilingual reviews for Welsh children and young people’s books. It shall also be a platform for conversations and discussions about books. We operate totally independently and we appreciate any donations that help us to achieve our goals. Your kindness will help us maintain the Service.