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Sôn am Lyfrau is a not-for-profit website that provides a totallly free service to children, young people and parents in Wales. Our main aim is to provide reviews of Welsh children's books to give you more information. By encouraging people to read books, we are helping the book industry in Wales. (which is really important!) We are especially keen on helping parents who are learning or don't speak Welsh to find out more about Welsh books. The reviews contain a bit more info than the blurbs! Our website is for: 

• children

• young people

• parents

• teachers

• anyone with an interest in books

Why do you need money?
Office of a web design company

Good question! Creating and maintaining a website can be costly. In a way, we have to 'rent' the webspace from a company and this involves a subscription fee to keep the site on-line. Can you believe that we even have to pay for the use of the domain name

Think about the hours of work that goes into keeping the website going, whether it's writing reviews or just uploading new stuff - it all takes time! Normally, this would cost loads and would be someone's job but the staff at sonamlyfra do everything voluntarily in their spare time. This keeps costs low, but not £0

Right.. ok... how's the money being used?

Again, another great question! Like we said, the people who run this site don't get paid a penny for doing it. They just loooove books! The ONLY place the money will go is to pay for keeping the webiste on-line. This is about £100 a year. Oh, we might use some to buy prizes (a new book) so that we can get more people to visit by having exciting competitions. 

Do I have to contribute?

No way man! Sonamlyfra is FOR FREE! That's how ti was and always will be. You can use it as often as you like without paying a penny... HOWEVER...

IF you feel that the website is useful AND you're feeling really generous... you can make a small donation and  we'd be grateful of anything, even if it was 50p! 

Okay then.. I'll help.

Brilliant! Thank you so much! It's help from people like you that keeps us going. Click on the donate button below and choose your amount.

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Go to our Ko-fi page to find out how you can donate to our cause by buying us a coffee!!

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