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Creating Reviews

Reviewing Tips

After reading a book, you can write a review to help them decide if they want to buy it - or not!

It takes as long as it take but keep it brief- about 500 words but no more than a 1000.

You can be as honest as you like - there is no right or wrong answer because it's your opinion!

Download the guidelines  'How to write a review' by clicking here or the icon in the box.

Review Template


Not quite sure where to start?

No problem, this is a document to help you organize your thoughts as you write.

It's been set out in boxes that makes it easier to remember key things like plot, setting, character etc.

Give it a rating score at the end - stars our of 5.

Click here or the icon to download.

Further Guidance

from 'MENSA'

This documents gives more detailed advice and how to write effective reviews.

As it comes from the mensafoundation.org website and is not owned or created by Sôn am Lyfra, it is available in English only.

Design a Cover

How about designing a new cover for your favourite book?

Or try to copy one as it is?

Click the icon to download.

Creating a Story


Use this worksheet to help you think about characters.

How about profiling a character e.g. Miss Trunchbull OR

use it to think about your own characters?

Use one for each of your main characters.


This will help you think about the start of your story.

Having a catchy start is really important - you have to 'hook' the readers straight away. There's several ways to start your story. Have a go, then ask a friend or relative for their opinion...


This will help you think about your story's plot.

All good stories have a strong plot. That is 'what actually happens'  - to who, where, when and why?

Use the story mountain sheet to help

you plan your story's start, middle and end.


Reading challenge

30-day reading challenge!

Can you complete them all?

Give it a go! (we'd love to see your videos of you attempting the BONUS challenge!)

More resources on the way

Terms & Conditions

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