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Who's our audience?

  • Children & young people

  • Parents (Welsh, learners and non-Welsh speaking)

  • Teachers

  • Publishers

  • Other key stakeholders

Why advertise with us?

We are a free, independent, voluntarily run online platform and we rely desperately on a source of income to maintain the website.

Our purpose is to provide bilingual reviews to help people make informed choices about which books to read. We wish to support the book industry in Wales by promoting new titles and by casting a light on some older classics. 

We can share adverts across all our platforms to reach a wide range of audiences (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website)

We have a growing audience and our prices are competitive!

Cost of advert

Our prices are simple:

£25 per advert (1 year)


You can send us copies of new/forthcoming titles and we can help by giving some publicity/promotion.

Contact via email to discuss options:

Our postal address is:

39, LG


LL31 9FG

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Annotation 2020-03-26 230917.jpg
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