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  • Weithiau Dwi’n Gandryll / Sometimes I am Furious -Timothy Knapman [adapt. Casia Wiliam]

    *For Welsh review see language toggle switch* (suggested) interest age: 1+ (suggested) reading age: 5/6+ Genre: #healthandwellbeing #emotions #anger Illustrations: Joe Berger Now that we're halfway through the summer holidays, I'm sure many parents across Wales will be familiar with sulky face on the cover – especially those who are parents of a toddler! Temper tantrums. Cranky. Stranking. Furious. Livid. Goin berserk. Crazy – there are so many different ways to say someone is angry! Life’s ok when things are going right isn't it? But sometime, life just isn’t fair! No matter how calm and chilled out you think you are, there's always something that's bound to annoy or wind you up from time to time. Sometimes, things just go wrong, and other times people just do things that just make you lose your rag! For me, the red mist monster rears it’s head when I’m driving. The Road Rage just comes out when other drivers do stupid things! Of course, whilst most adults and older children have learned how to manage or control their feelings, not everyone is in the same boat. Young children in particular sometimes haven’t yet learned how to control and make sense of these powerful feelings. Of course, there are also some who grow up still not being able to manage these overwhelming feelings. This is a light-hearted, rhyming hardback book which just confirms basically that yes, life can be difficult sometimes, andthat it’s quite natural to get angry from time to time. We see a little girl who struggles to control her temper when things don't go as she wants them to. There's a good opportunity to hold a discussion on strong feelings like ‘anger.’ I can see this book as a useful tool in class and at home, not only with children in the early years, but with older pupils who would benefit from the opportunity to discuss these emotions. This is certainly an useful resource for any parent trying to hold a conversation about these feelings. Whilst the book is useful, I think it misses a trick to offer more useful strategies for controlling temper. I would have liked to get a bit more for my £12.99 if I'm being honest. This is probably one I’d get from the library, if I’m being honest. One thing the book is dead right about – a cwtsh or a hug with a loved one can work miracles. There really is nothing better than a big embrace to calm things back down. Note: As stated on the cover, as with many rhyming bilingual books, it’s an adaptation of the original, and is not a direct translation. Publisher: Atebol Released: 2021 Price: £12.99 Cover: Hardback

  • Sedna a'i neges o'r Arctig - Jess Grimsdale [adapt. Mari huws]

    *For Welsh review, see language toggle switch on top of webpage* (suggested) reading age: 7+ (suggested) interest age: 5+ Genre: #picturebook #environment #plasticpollution #fiction Having recently enjoyed (or suffered, depending on your point of view) some rather hot weather recently, a record was broken in Wales, with record temperatures of 37.1°c being recorded in Hawarden, Flintshire. Now even though we like a bit of sunshine, the recent events leave us in no doubt that our climate is changing... Yup, the influence of man now extends across all corners of the planet, and if polluting the earth wasn’t bad enough, we’ve even started to leave our mess in space too! (anyhow, that’s another story!) So, let me introduce Jess Grimsdale's new book, which discusses an extremely important environmental issue, and one that will become increasingly more important, plastic pollution of the sea. The book was actually inspired by the author's journey as part of the Sail Against Plastic mission, a collection of researchers, activists, and film-makers who are exploring the threat of micro plastics in the sea around Svalbard. The book was expertly adapted into Welsh by none other than our own Mari Huws, the environmental campaigner and current warden of Bardsey Island– I can't think of anyone more suitable. What are those weird little balls? At the beginning of the story, the people of a seaside Arctic village are amazed when colourful little balls appear in the water and near the shore. Initially, everyone is curious about the small particles, but things soon turn sour some of the residents start to feel sick. Sedna and her crew must go on an adventure to find the origin of these tiny pellets, and once they find out the truth, Sedna takes on the mission to spread the message across the world. I'm sure you've heard of micro-plastics on the TV, and the adverse impact they have on nature. In fact, I heard on podcast recently, that they’ve even found microplastics in our bodies!! I love learning new things whilst reading, and I learned quite a few things, to be honest. The tiny balls are called Nurdles. They are small pieces of plastic, measuring no more than a lentil. The worst thing about these is, nurdles aren’t plastic bits that has been ground down by the waves, but small pellets that were deliberately created by us! WHAAAT?!?!?! If you want to know more, the author has included some interesting information after the story. Amazing Artwork Now then, I’ve got to mention the artwork. Incredible. This is certainly one of the most striking books to hit the shelves this year. The standard is very high, and you can see how much work has gone into it. I’m told that every picture was made out of small pieces of torn paper. Illustrating a children's books is no mean feat - it takes a lot of talent and hard work. I'm sure I saw on her Instagram account (@jessgrimsdale) that the whole process took several years. I mean, just look at this picture - I’d buy a print of this for my house it’s so good! When I’m putting on my teacher's hat, I can see how this would be an excellent book to study in class– plenty of opportunities to do work on the environment and climate change, and link it to artwork emulating the illustrator’s style. This is undoubtedly an important addition to the ever-expanding collection of books about the environmental crisis we’re currently in. I only hope that the book will inspire the 'climate superheroes’ of the future to tackle the mess that our generation has created! *shame on us* Publisher: Carreg Gwalch Published: June 2022 Price: £6.95 OTHER BOOKS ABOUT PLASTIC POLLUTION: Review on our site:

  • Sawl Bwci Bo? - Joanna Davies a Steven Goldstone

    *For Welsh review, see language toggle switch* (suggested) reading age: 5+ (suggested) interest age: 0-5 Genre: #earlyyears #counting #numbers #bilingual Forget the Minions, because the Bwci Bo’s have arrived! This is the slick new counting book by the team behind Joey Bananas Handmade. This’ll be the only book you’ll need to get started on your counting journey. If you're not familiar with these mischievous little monsters, have a look at the website and have a look at all the other colourful and eco-friendly stuff they make. This time, author Joanna Davies, and graphic designer Steven Goldstone have turned their hand to a bilingual book that helps young children count to ten. Who said that learning has to be hard work? You’ll have plenty of fun with these funny, furry little creatures. After learning how to count to 10, you can take the learning even further, by counting all the legs or counting back down in reverse. Plenty of chances to practice the new counting skills. The illustration is bob-on - very modern, and has clearly been done to a very high standard by a professional designer. Sometimes, you get some books that are quite busy, but this one has a minimalist, simple vibe which works well. As I’m currently doing research on bilingual books, this drew my attention because of the fact that the text has been clearly set out in both languages (which isn’t always the case). And don't just take it from me - the BookTrust charity obviously love the Bwci Bo’s too, because it was chosen to be part of ‘Dechrau Da’ [BookStart] scheme that gives free books to all 2-3 year olds in Wales. Apart from the fact that over 30,000 copies have been printed (which is quite an achievement, to be fair) you may be surprised to know that this was the first original Welsh-language book to be selected for the scheme… ever! Pretty cool eh? Publisher: Atebol Released: 2022 Price: £6.99 FREE ACTIVITIES FROM ATEBOL COLOURING: FIND THE LOLIPOPS: AUDIO BOOK FROM BOOKTRUST

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