Here's a list of Publishers in Wales who create Welsh language books for children.

Atebol is an award-winning publisher that develops and publishes innovative educational digital resources including interactive apps and websites. Atebol provides books, games, apps and websites that offer inspiring and innovative resources for pre-school, the Early Years and the Foundation Phase. We also develop educational print and interactive digital resources for the Primary and Secondary sectors and beyond. Atebol specialises in developing learning and teaching resources for all settings including the home, schools and colleges.

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Rily Publications is a privately owned, family-run publishing house, created when husband and wife team Richard and Lynda Tunnicliffe started publishing Welsh language versions of popular books as a hobby in 2001.

Since then they have steadily grown their range of Welsh children's titles.

Lolfa is one of the main publishing companies in Wales that produces books for children and adults.

The company was founded in the 60s with a missio to create colourful, lively and popular books.

The company is family owned, employing 22 full time members of staff at their main offices in Talybont near


Some of their popular titles:

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Gomer Press is a printing and publishing company based in Llandysul, west Wales. The company was first established in 1892 and is owned by the same family to this day. Jonathan Lewis, the great grandson of the company's founder, is the current managing director. Gomer Press today is both a thriving printing company and  publishing house and is the oldest in Wales.

Every year, we publish over 36 titles, specializing in books which have a distinctive Welsh identity.

We have four distinct lists:

  • English books for adults

  • English books for children

  • Welsh books for children

  • Welsh books for adults

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