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August 15



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My hero is Wim Hof

(The Iceman)

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Children and  young people books

Ar ôl derbyn clod am ei nofelau i oedolion, mae’r awdures boblogaidd o ardal Llanbedr Pont Steffan yn troi ei llaw at nofel i’r arddegau ac yn cyhoeddi ei nofel gyntaf. Mae Heb Law Mam yn llawn hiwmor, problemau teuluol a charwriaethol, a chyfeillgarwch ffug.

Author Q&A

Heiddwen Tomos

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This is teacher and author, Heiddwen Tomos' turn

to answer some of our questions about her work.

What is your background and/or what are you doing now? 

I’m a Welsh and Drama teacher in Ysgol Bro Teifi and a mother of three.

professional developmnet training sessio

What inspired you to start writing?  

My main inspiration for starting to write was my desire to create. When I am happy, I enjoy painting. And that is writing in a way, which is to create a picture but with words.

Which books had an influence on you when you were growing up and why? 


At a young age, I hated reading. I was better at taking photos. Mum was always telling me to stick my head in a book. But having reached GCSEs I finally got my teeth into my kind of books – since then I’ve never looked back.

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What’s the most important: characters or plot? That is, what makes a good story?

What makes a good book in my view is the ability to identify with the character. Things like plot and dialogue are also key. Humour also helps to articulate an intense situation and keep the reader involved in the experience.

What is your latest book for children/young people?


What do you think readers will get from reading the story?

My first book for young people is Heb Law Mam. As a teacher I have a lot of fun with pupils and my own kids. From reading the book I hope the reader will find that there are difficult times in all our lives, but with the love of family and friends you can get through it. One day at a time and you'll see the sun again.

The message is to believe in yourself. Be positive. Share your worries and be kind. When you write, listen to your own voice and give it a platform.

What message have you got to inspire young readers/writers?

The message is to believe in yourself. Be positive. Share your worries and be kind. When you write, listen to your own voice and give it a platform.

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Person Writing

Is there a character you love or hate?

There’s got to be some conflict in order to convey the drama of the novel. I’m sure that we all know a few nasty people. Unfortunately, they are everywhere. But you can also deal with them by doing positive things like exercise, being part of a team, discussing.

Got another book on the horizon?

An adult book is next. But for now, I’m in the middle of end of term reports!



Real book or kindle?

Real book every time – I like the feeling of a book in hand and even its smell! An e-book just isn’t the same.

Pile of Books

Thanks Heiddwen!

for being so willing to

answer our questions.

Look forward to your

new material!

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