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Aduniad - Elidir Jones

(asuggested) interest age: 14+

(suggested) reading age: 13+


Finding time to read has been challenging lately. With an 8-month-old baby in a house, sleep and spare time are very rare things indeed. Where we used to binge watch tv series in a matter of days, it now takes a hell of a lot longer. It took us over a month to watch the latest season of Happy Valley! How life has changed! 

Anyway, I’m not complaining. But the reality is, reading lengthy novels is now a thing of the past. I just don't have the stamina. So thank god for the Stori Sydyn (Quick Reads) series. I've read titles from the series before, such as Herio i'r Eithaf by Huw Jack Brassington, and Un Noson by Llio Maddocks, but I think I've forgotten about the series somewhere along the way. Now that I work part time in a library, it's the perfect place to discover new books -that's where I saw this one staring at me with the haunting cover image from the display unit next to the desk.

When I saw the cover – 'my kinda book' is what I immediately thought. I wasn't wrong either. Bethan Briggs-Miller has created an excellent cover, and if I ever wrote a horror story, I'd get her to do the artwork. I've enjoyed Elidir Jones' recent horror stories, so keep them coming as far as I’m concerned – the darker the better. It’s great (and terrifying at the same time) that he’s shining a light on some of Wales’ lesser-known folk ghost stories.

I've had a telling off about giving too many spoilers, so there won't be anything like that here. What I can say is, that 4 uni friends, Dan, Emyr, Alun and Celt, are having a bit of a reunion, but instead of going to the pub or hitting a strip club, they decide to go camping in the middle of nowhere – the Darran Valley. I think the aim was get the tent set up quickly, light a fire and crack open a few beers, sitting round reminiscing until they drink themselves to sleep. Sounds like a plan!

Pic from

That’d be far too simple though, wouldn’t it? As the blurb suggests, someone – or rather, someTHING – has followed them into the mountains. They all went up as friends, but they may not return that way. One of them has something to hide.


The Stori Sydyn series is ideal for those, like me, who are too tired or lazy to read, or short on time. You're straight into the story, and there's not too much descriptive and emotional fluff. You also get that smug buzz from being able to finish a novel for a change, (then write a little blog about it if I’m lucky!)

Oh yeah, and the book cost £1. What's not to like?

I've watched quite a few horror movies in my time, and enjoy reading short horror stories. I didn't expect that the book would scare me if I’m being honest. I decided to add to the scary vibes by reading the novel in dim light late at night (the only time I get some peace and quiet!) There were some pretty creepy parts to be fair, and all of a sudden, every little noise in the house sounded much louder...

It's been about ten years since I left college, and with everyone scattered all over the place we don’t get the chance to meet much. But if I get a whatsapp message coming through asking about a reunion, I think I'll have to swerve that one! I’m… erm… busy that day!


Publisher: Y Lolfa

Series: Stori Sydyn Format: paperback

Released: 2023

Price: £1 (a bargain btw)


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