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'Dolig Diflas y Dyn Dweud Drefn - Lleucu Lynch

*For Welsh review, please see language toggle switch*

(suggested) reading age: 6/7+

(suggested) interest age: 4-7

Illustrations: Gwen Millward



If there's anyone who hates Christmas, it’s the ‘Dyn Dweud Drefn.’ (the angry man) Having read the previous books, I'm sure we could all have guessed that he wouldn’t be a fan of all the festive cheer! On the other hand, someone who absolutely loves Christmas is his little puppy. This year, somehow, the puppy has managed to persuade the Dyn Dweud Drefn to give Christmas a go, without telling anyone off or being cranky! Now, this is going to be interesting…

Will he be able to resist being angry or miserable for one WHOLE Day? He’s certainly challenged a few times during the day. He wakes up early, which isn't a very good start… You'll have to buy a copy of the book to know how he gets on.

I love this series by Lleucu Fflur Lynch. The character of the Dyn Dweud Drefn is brilliant, and his unconventional relationship with the puppy provides enough material for many stories to keep us entertained. Both are brilliantly illustrated once again through Gwen Millward's likable and charming pictures.

This is a great book to read over the Christmas period (and at any other time really)! It's a story about friendship, companionship and about what can happen when someone dares to do something differently and steps out of their comfort zone.

Look! A new character!


Publisher: Carreg Gwalch

Released: 2022

Price: £4.95




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