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Eisteddfod i'w Chofio - Gwennan Evans

*Use language toggle switch for Welsh review*

(suggested) reading age: 5-8+

(suggested) interest age: 4+

Illustrations: Lleucu Gwenllian


This is the fourth instalment in the 'Fferm Cwm Cawdel' series, and a very fitting one to review after a week in Eisteddfod yr Urdd in Llandovery. As the title suggests, this time, Ffion, her dog Fflei and of course the cows go on an adventure to the Eisteddfod – or rather, the Eisteddfod comes to them.

After being extremely concerned when they saw a bunch of important people walking around the farm, the cows were extremely relieved to find out Ffion's big secret. The Eisteddfod would soon be coming to their doorstep – handy!

I assume the cows haven't been to an Eisteddfod before, and they absolutely love taking part in various activities, such as being accepted into the ‘Orsedd’, competing as a quartet and dancing the night away on the maes. These are all Eisteddfod must-do’s!

This series has been brightly illustrated by Lleucu Gwenllian and is reminiscent of cartoons, with humour and mischief on every page. The colourful illustrations certainly suit the light-hearted tone of these books. I'm sure the series is popular with rural audiences. A lot of children like to read about things they know and the countryside/agricultural setting will be familiar to many. Of course, they have the added bonus of introducing a bit of farm life to others who may have grown up in the city. This book in particular goes one step further and shows readers a glimpse of what an Eisteddfod’s all about. It may even persuade someone who’s never been to give it a try!

The books fill an important gap for children aged 5-11. There are lots of picture books for children around the age of 3, but there seems to be a bit less available the older they get. The Cwm Cawdel books look and feel like ‘proper books’ so will be ideal for those new/emerging readers who are moving away from picturebooks to reading chapter books. I like that the writing is on a simple white background as it’s nice and easy for little eyes to read.

The cows of Cwm Cawdel have been spoilt rotten going on so many adventures. They’ve already been to Aberystwyth and Eryri. I wonder where they’ll go next..?!


Publisher: Carreg Gwalch

Released: March 2023

Series: Fferm Cwm Cawdel

Price: £6

Format: softcover


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