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Lledrith yn y Llyfrgell - Anni Llŷn

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Age: 6+


World Book Day 2022

We all know how important reading is, right? It’s such a good way to ‘feed’ the brain with amazing vocabulary and ideas, and it can pretty much take you to anywhere in the world (and beyond!) without leaving your living room!

Unfortunately, we all live such busy lives, with so many distractions, that sometimes it can be difficult to make time to settle down to read. But it's important that we do try. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is so lucky enough access to a supply of interesting and appealing books.

That's why I love World Book Day and the idea behind it. On this day, we celebrate everything that’s AMAZING about our paper companions -from authors to illustrators, from bookshops to the libraries. Tell me, will you be dressing up as your favourite character this year? Who will you go for? I reckon I’d go as the ‘Pry Bach Tew’ or Mr Twit these days!

For 2022, one of our multi-talented writers, Anni Llŷn, has churned out a ‘stori sydyn’ (short story), aptly called Lledrith yn y Llyfrell (magic in the library). And d’ya know what? You can get your paws on this little beauty for less than the cost of a loaf of bread! Quickly now- get them before they’re gone!


This ain’t no normal village, that’s for sure. It's packed with really strange and interesting characters. And what makes these residents so different from you and me you ask? Well, each one of them has some ability to make magic. Everyone except Chwim, the librarian, that is. She may not be able to do charms and spells, but there is something she can do – and that’s read, and at speed! Now that’s magical in itself don’t you think?

When a class of chaotic children and their hopeless teacher descend on the library for a special visit, some strange things start to happen as Chwim opens the covers and starts reading... I wonder if you’ve ever experienced this kind of magic when you’ve been reading?

Now then, if you want to know how the brave librarian gets the best of a nasty old inspector, or your keen to know if Sali Mali can indeed escape the claws of a jaguar, then crack on and read this book! (I never thought I’d be using 'Sali Mali' and 'jaguar’ in the same sentence!)

On the day we celebrate our love of books, and #WorldBookDay celebrates it’s 25th birthday, you lucky readers have the opportunity to own a brand new book for just £1! And of course, once you've read Lledrith yn y Llyfrgell in one sitting, remember that there's a handful of other great books waiting for you on the bookshop shelves. And even if you don't have a penny to your name, you can still enjoy some amazing books, absolutely FREE of charge, thanks to our wonderful libraries. Get down there people!

Enjoy World Book Day, and remember to dress up as your favourite character and post some pics to spread the word. Then go and tell someone else about your favourite book, be it a friend or a family member, and make a promise, that you'll never ever stop reading.

There really is nothing better than seeing words come to life inside your own head, and it’s only books that can do that kind of magic really!


Publisher: Y Lolfa

Released: World Book Day, March 2022

Pris: £1 (yup, just £1!!!!)

ISBN: 9781800992030


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