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Pêl-droed Penigamp -Robin Bennett [adapt. Elinor Wyn Reynolds]

*For Welsh review, use language toggle switch*

(suggested) reading age: 8+

(suggested) interest age: 7-13


Info from Gwales:

The second title in the Campau Campus series. Perhaps the best description of these titles is a kind of 'Horrible Histories' about various sports. This title deals with football and is a Welsh adaptation by Elinor Wyn Reynolds of Stupendous Sports: Fantastic Football.

Do you know someone who's mad about football? This would make the perfect gift for them.

As someone who not only has two left feet, but doesn't know a thing about football, I felt this was the perfect book to get me up to speed. I learned a lot and it was nice and simple for me! It's full of a variety of different things, but here's an idea for you:

📕 History of the game

⚽️ legendary players

📕 Tips, rules and tactics

⚽️ Incredible facts

📕 Interesting tales

… and a whole lot more.

➡️Basically- everything you could ever need to know about footy!

Here's a little sneak peak inside:


Publisher: Firefly

Released: Oct 2022

Series: Campau Campus Format: soft cover

Price: £6.99


Remember, if you prefer the egg-shaped ball - there's another book that's all abut rugby!


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