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Tomos Llygoden y Theatr a Feiolet Pot Blodau - Caryl Parry Jones a Craig Russell

Reading age: 6/7+

Interest age: 5-8

♥Welsh Original♥


We’ve all been away from the theatres for quite some time, haven’t we? And guess who’s been patiently waiting for us? Yes, everyone’s favourite little mouse, Tomos Llygoden! He’s back with a new story (the fifth in the series) and he’s got a new friend for us to meet – Feiolet Pot Blodau.

A few cleaning ladies work at the theatre, but Feiolet is by far the mice’s favourite, and it’s easy to see why. She’s kind and thoughtful but ever so slightly mad! She does things a bit differently, which is how she came to have her nickname, because she wears a flower pot on her head! See, I told you she was unique!

The main reason she’s so popular is because she’s actually a pretty lousy cleaning lady, which means more than enough cookies and crumbly treats are left for them to enjoy! Although brilliant for the mice, it’s not so good for Mr Meilir, the manager, who doesn’t seem to be very impressed with her cleaning efforts. In fact, Feiolet’s very job is in jeopardy!

I wonder if Tomos and his friends will be able to find out why Feiolet is such a bad cleaning lady? And will they be able to help her keep her job?

This is the final story in this series, but is nevertheless a welcome addition to this charming series. Suitable for 5–7-year-olds, Tomos and his friends are kind, thoughtful and friendly little fellows and it’s fun to follow their adventures in the classic old theatre.

Adding to this magical and theatrical world is Leri Tecwyn’s lovely artwork. She uses warm, dark colours such as red, green and brown which convey the feeling of a grand, traditional old theatre which reminds us of days gone by. I’m sure she had fun drawing Feiolet. Personally, I’m a big fan of her socks!

I tend to think that there’s too much writing on some pages compared to others, and perhaps it could have been spread out more evenly. It may be too difficult for younger children to read independently, but it would certainly work as a story for listening to. I know I’d have loved these theatre-based stories when I was a child.

For a light-hearted story with a message of kindness and empathy, together with sweet little characters, go and find a copy of Tomos Llygoden. You’re spoilt for choice too, as you’ve got 5 adventures to choose from.


Publisher: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch

Released: March 2021

Price: £4.95

ISBN: 9781845277376




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