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Rhian has published her first book for children following a writing course at Tŷ Newydd ...

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Author Q&A

Rhian Cadwaladr

This is actress and author Rhian Cadwaladr's turn

to answer some of our questions about her work.

What inspired you to start writing?  

 I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be a writer but it took me many years before I got around to it properly.

Which books inspiried you as a Young reader?    

I read very widely when I was a child-mum used to say that I was reading before I was out of my nappies pretty much! When I was a little older, I was very fond of English classics for children such as The Secret Garden, Heidi, Little Women, What Katy Did, Pippi Longstocking, Anne of Green Gables and Charles Dickens books. T Llew Jones was one of my favourites in Welsh.

What’s more important – characters or plot? What makes a good book?  


The characters are the most important to me. You must care about the character-whether it's love or hate. If you don't care then you'll never get the appetite to know what happens to them.

What’s your latest book for children?


What do you hope readers will gain from the story?

My first book for children published at the end of 2019 is ‘Nain Nain Nain.’  This is a book that introduces dementia for toddlers/ youngsters. It is my hope that the readers, through the words and Jac Jones’s  wonderful pictures, will come to understand about the process of ageing and the condition itself, but also enjoy meeting Nedw’s funky grans.

Whats your favourite children or Young people’s book/author and why?

Oh this is a difficult question! Different books have appealed at different times of my life. But if I have to choose one it would be ‘Llyfr Mawr y because  I enjoyed reading this as a child and enjoyed reading it again to my own children when they were small.

Oes yna gymeriad rydach chi’n ei garu neu ei gasáu?


Maybe hate is too strong a word but I don't like Thomas the Tank Engine. Meilir, my eldest son was delighted with the series when he was a child but I found them very boring.

What message do you have for today’s Young readers/writers?

Between book covers you will have the opportunity to escape to new worlds and to understand more about your own world. Read anything and everything – but just don’t expect to love it all! If one book doesn't appeal, look for one that does-there's hundreds and thousands to choose from! For young writers I would give the same advice and add another two words to it-just write!

Thanks Rhian!

for being so willing to

answer our questions.

Look forward to your

new material!

Known for:

I play Siani Flewog in the 90s TV series, Caffi Sali Mali!

New book on the way?

Yeah! I have been working on a new toddler book called 'Ynyr yr Ysbryd Ofnus’ with my daughter --the illustrator Leri Tecwyn.  It will be in the shops by Halloween hopefully. In addition to this I have a new adult novel being published this summer.

Real book or kindle?

Real book every time – I like the feeling of a book in hand and even its smell! An e-book just isn’t the same.

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