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A am anghenfil - Huw Aaron

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(suggested) interest age: 0-7

(suggested) reading age: 4+

Gwales description: A hilarious and zany poem by the artist Huw Aaron about weird and wonderful characters who go to a tea party. A colourful and entertaining characterisation of all the letters of the Welsh alphabet.



I want to start this review by saying I ABSOLUTEY LOVE this rather unusual book! Some books are just great, aren’t they? – full of fun, pure imagination and bucketloads of creativity!

The concept’s very simple -the boy in this book is having a birthday party, but the invited guests are, well... they’re quite unusual to say the least! Would you invite a bunch of weird and wacky monsters to your birthday party? We are introduced to the VIP guests one at a time as they arrive at the party, and they’re all unique and some are just, well, plain crazy!

This book that will sure to have you laughing, but it's also quite educational because it introduces the Welsh alphabet – a monster for every letter. You could even use this book as a springboard for further activities afterwards such as creating your own monster or making up weird and wonderful names for each one (We've been giving it a go here at Sôn am Lyfra HQ!)

Oh dear, Morgan's efforts not so good!

I particularly like Huw Aaron's illustrations for the various monsters, and the names are absolutely brilliant too - they're so funny, creative and bonkers creative I couldn't wait to turn the page and find out what the next one would be called – an that’s coming from an adult never mind the kids! Which one is your favourite? Mine’s the Gwibno-bwm!

I really recommend this book - it's fun for children of all ages, and the adults too! Grab a copy - you won't be disappointed.


Publisher: Carreg Gwalch

Released: September 2021

Price: £6.95


Author's webite:



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