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Babi Cyffwrdd a Theimlo: Nadolig / Baby Touch and Feel: Christmas

(suggested) interest age: 0+


I brought this book home from the library for my five-and-a-half-month son. I grew up with DK books so I knew and trusted the brand. The 'Baby Touch and Feel' series is a series of bilingual book that help babies recognise new words, see amusing patterns and feel different textures. This book is colourful and full of festive cheer.

The pocket size of the book is handy for bringing it on outings in the pram, and the hardback (which is also quite squishy) is very tough and durable enough to handle a lot of dribbles– it needs to be frankly, because everything is being chewed at the moment. Yes, we’re in that phase.

I love seeing the look of wonder on his little face about absolutely everything. As adults, we can sometimes forget that everything is new and fascinating for babies. In the book, there are sparkling stars, an icy snowman, a cute penguin, a fluffy teddy bear and more. Some shine and others have small bits of different materials for small hands to 'touch and feel' and experience new things and sensations.

If 'reading' independently (I use the term reading loosely) the little one usually likes to hold the book and practice picking it up, gripping it, turning a few pages etc. The fact that he doesn't really take notice of the contents of the book doesn't bother me at all - he's busy exploring the book and getting used to holding books, which develops those fine motor skills and prepares him for a book-filled future.

As a tatty old library book, this didn’t cost me a penny, and it did the trick. Although Broc loves it, I’m a little disappointed if I’m being critical. I think the touch textures need a bit more variety – they're all pretty boring and quite unremarkable. Doesn’t bother him though, so who cares really!

I think a newer version of this book has been released earlier this year, under the title Baby Touch and Feel: Merry Christmas / Baby Touch and Feel: Merry Christmas. This version may well have more to offer, but I haven't seen it myself.


Publisher: Dref Wen

Released: 2011

Price: £3.99 (out of print)

Format: boardbook /hardback



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