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Ble Mae Santa / Where's Santa? - Pip Williams [adapt. Luned Whelan]

(suggested) reading age: 5+

(suggested) interest age: 0-5


Gwales description:

Play hide-and-SNOW-seek with this magic searchlight book where hidden Christmas characters are revealed on the 'clever window' on each right-hand page! There are five festive scenes to 'go-seek' and find the hidden Christmas characters. Just insert the included magic card 'searchlight' between the page under each clever window and be amazed as the hidden pictures are revealed.


One of the most interesting things that I did in 2023 was getting a job in a library. It's such a fun place to work, and it's really handy for finding out about new books. One such example is Ble mae Santa/ Where’s Santa? I only found out about this because a girl brought it to the counter to scan because she wanted to borrow it. I thought it was rather cool and a novel idea (if you pardon the pun!)

Here's a few bullet points about it:

  • It's bilingual - so great if you're learning Welsh and want to support your child's reading. If you already speak Welsh, well then you get two stories for the price of one!

  • The style is colourful and modern. I really like the animation/caroon style.

  • The book includes a torch that you can use to search for special items or characters. This makes the reading way more fun than usual. I'd imagine this book would go down well especially with children who normally don't care to sit down for a story. Just slide the torch in between the pages in the 'special window' to get it to work. Such a simple but effective idea.

  • The torch makes the book interactive and gives the young reader something to actually do.

even has a handy little place to keep the torch. It is attached by a ribbon so you won't lose it!

Watch the video clip below to see how it works:


Publisher: Rily

Released: 2022

Price: £6.99

Format: hardback/boardbook



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