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Deg ar y Bws / Ten on the Bus - Huw Aaron a Hanna Harris

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(suggested) reading age: 4+

(suggested) interest age: 0-4

Illustrations: Hanna Harris


This is a simple and colourful book that teaches young children how to count. As you can see, the illustrations are modern and clear. So far, I’m very impressed with the output from Gwasg y Broga. They haven’t been around for long, but everything is done to a high standard.

An opportunity to learn to count, as the passengers embark one by one. They bring with them all their items until the bus is full to the brim. What do you get then? One cranky driver! There’s a bit of humour in this book too as all the passengers have to make a hasty exit!

I’ve given this book as a gift to my young cousin for her 2nd birthday. She lives in England so I’m hoping this will be an useful book to introduce a bit of Welsh nice and early. The book’s bilingual too so that even parents who are learning Welsh can join in.


Publisher: Broga

Released: 2022

Price: £7.99

Format: softcover



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