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Elon - Laura Murphy a Nia Parry

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

*For Welsh review, see language toggle switch*

♥Children's Book of the Month: January 2023♥

(suggested) reading age: 5+

(suggested) interest age: 3-7

Illustrations: Elin Vaughan Crowley


Out of all the wild animals, I think elephants are the most fascinating of them all. Do you agree? Okay, I will admit that giraffes are pretty cool too, but for me, the elephants steal the show. With their huge ears and long trunks, they are such strange creatures, almost as if they belong to a different era. These are dignified and majestic creatures, but seem affectionate at the same time.

Of all the elephants, one is very special indeed- Elon. Like any young elephant, she’s full of enthusiasm and energy, and has grown tired of having to listen to her parents with their rules. How boring! Elon longs for adventure!

After ignoring her parents’ advice and making a run for it (I don't recommend this at all!) Elon gets her wish for an adventure, but the world outside the safety of the herd is a strange place, and the young elephant soon comes across the most dangerous creature of all – mankind.

To think how beautiful these graceful creatures are, it saddens me to think that they are in grave danger of disappearing altogether, because of us. As if hunting them for ivory over the centuries wasn't bad enough, we now threaten their very homes as our desire for agricultural land leads us to destroy their forests with our infernal machines.

But Elon is brave. Even after coming face to face with the ferocious machines that threaten her habitat, Elon decides he can’t sit back and do nothing. Something has to be done. I wonder if one small elephant can put a stop to the destruction and change things for the better?

Elin Vaughan Crowley's illustrations grab your attention immediately, and all the vibrant colours and wonders of the forest are brought to life through her pictures. This rhyming bilingual book isn’t a direct translation, but is an adaptation by Nia Parry. Whilst I love bilingual books, my only complaint here is the layout and placement of the both languages make it a bit confusing to read sometimes.

This will be a really useful book for anyone wanting to discuss animals, conservation or the environment. It helps draw attention to the plight of nature, and our devastating affect on the animal kingdom, but it does so without causing panic. We’ve got to make sure kids get the message if they ever hope to see elephants in the wild in their lifetimes. Like Elon, the brave elephant, I hope they too realise that they can make a difference by doing something, however small that may seem.


Publisher: Atebol

Released: 2022

Price: £7.99




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