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Mae pob uncorn yn hoffi enfys...Tybed? [Emma Adams & Mike Byrne, adapt. Gwynne Williams]

*For Welsh review, see language toggle switch on top of page*

Reading age: 5+

Interest age: 3+

Illustrations: Mike Byrne

Format: Hardback


What comes to mind when you think of unicorns? They’re usually associated with pink, magical, colourful, fluffy, sparkly things and of course, who can forget their multi-coloured droppings?! Unicorns have mystified us through the ages, and come about every so often as a bit of a pop culture craze, especially amongst young girls.

You might think you know how unicorns are supposed to look and behave, but you haven’t met this one! You’re in for a shock. This one’s a bit more bad**s than your average unicorn.

The book is an explosion of colours, and the rhymes are very funny as the sassy unicorn lists all the "nice" things it doesn't like. Indeed, this unicorn has a very different way of doing things and is happy and confident enough to do things their own way.

I like how the author makes fun of the stereotypical image of an unicorn and turns the idea of how an unicorn is ‘supposed to be’ on it’s head.

Instead of pink and fluffy things, this one prefers to wear dark emo clothes and instead of singing nice karaoke songs, he/she prefers to rock out to some proper music! Perhaps a little bit of AC/DC or Led Zep.

Despite the sarcastic humour and it’s overall light-heartedness, there’s an important message at the heart of this book – we’re all different and unique individuals, and there’s nowt wrong with that. There’s a place for us all in the world, and we should be more tolerant of each other. Be happy and confident in your own skin is what I took from this book.

Having finished it, I'm still not sold on the Welsh title. Does it even make proper sense? The original English title was ‘Unicorns don’t love rainbows,’ however the Welsh title translates to ‘All unicorns like rainbows…maybe?’ It’s a little bit awkward-sounding in my opinion. Even with the Southern dialect, (which is a contentious issue in Welsh language books) I could still understand everything. Overall, I’m giving it a 7.5 out of 10.


Publisher: Dref Wen

Released: 2021

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781784231774


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