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Pam? - Luned Aaron a Huw Aaron

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Suggested interest: dan 7

Reading age: 5+


Are you looking for a book for bedtime that’ll have you in stitches? Look no further.

Luned and Huw Aaron strike again! It looks like this couple are having a great year. Between publishing loads of books and seeing their brand-new publishing company, Broga, go from strength to strength, I'm sure these two are very busy. But that’s a great thing for you and me ‘cause whilst they’re busy doing the graft, we, the readers, can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

This time, they’ve released a picturebook for young children with Y Lolfa. The lad on the cover looks like how I feel today (yup, that Monday feeling) and the subject matter is every child’s favourite word- "why?"

Those of you who come across children will be very familiar with this question, and I'm sure that many parents have been driven to despair hearing this word repeated over and over!

The book is in the form of funny little rhymes, from the point of view of the main character as he questions and vents his frustrations about not being able to do as he pleases, such as drinking coca cola or tormenting his little sister with creepy crawlies! But despite all his moaning and whinging and “why can’t I’s?” the answer is always the same– NO CHANCE! Poor lad, so unfair – those boring adults spoiling all his fun!

Honestly, you’ll never find anyone more brutally honest than children, and I had to laugh at the thought of the young boy who desperately wanted to say all sorts of things about his aunty’s big backside (before being quickly stopped by his parent!) I'm sure lots of you parents can recall a couple of embarrassing moments, where the children have said something inappropriate in public! I did something similar once when I was little by ‘outing’ my Gran for making Knorr packet soup and trying to pass it off as her own, and in front of the Minister too! Oops!

There are a lots of funny picture books available, but many of them are adaptations, while original Welsh ones are far less common. Yes, I sound like a broken record by now, but we still need more original light-hearted, less serious and just plain funnier books. These are the ones that children will be asking to read and re-read time and again.

This one is a cracker, and effortlessly funny, and I’m sure you’ll be smiling as you read it. It’ll be a favourite in many a house, and I also think it could be a good Eisteddfod ‘adrodd’ piece.

Publisher: Y Lolfa

Released: August 2021

Price: £4.99

ISBN: 9781800990562


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