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Sawl Bwci Bo? - Joanna Davies a Steven Goldstone

*For Welsh review, see language toggle switch*

(suggested) reading age: 5+

(suggested) interest age: 0-5


Forget the Minions, because the Bwci Bo’s have arrived! This is the slick new counting book by the team behind Joey Bananas Handmade. This’ll be the only book you’ll need to get started on your counting journey.

If you're not familiar with these mischievous little monsters, have a look at the website and have a look at all the other colourful and eco-friendly stuff they make.

This time, author Joanna Davies, and graphic designer Steven Goldstone have turned their hand to a bilingual book that helps young children count to ten. Who said that learning has to be hard work? You’ll have plenty of fun with these funny, furry little creatures.

After learning how to count to 10, you can take the learning even further, by counting all the legs or counting back down in reverse. Plenty of chances to practice the new counting skills.

The illustration is bob-on - very modern, and has clearly been done to a very high standard by a professional designer. Sometimes, you get some books that are quite busy, but this one has a minimalist, simple vibe which works well.

As I’m currently doing research on bilingual books, this drew my attention because of the fact that the text has been clearly set out in both languages (which isn’t always the case).

And don't just take it from me - the BookTrust charity obviously love the Bwci Bo’s too, because it was chosen to be part of ‘Dechrau Da’ [BookStart] scheme that gives free books to all 2-3 year olds in Wales. Apart from the fact that over 30,000 copies have been printed (which is quite an achievement, to be fair) you may be surprised to know that this was the first original Welsh-language book to be selected for the scheme… ever! Pretty cool eh?


Publisher: Atebol

Released: 2022

Price: £6.99







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