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Sut wyt ti, Bwci Bo? /How are you, Bwci Bo?- Joanna Davies a Steven Goldstone

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

*For Welsh review, see language toggle switch*

(suggested) reading age: 5+

(suggested) interest age: 2-5


After the success of Sawl Bwci Bo? I’m pleased to say the mischievous minion-like creatures are back to create some havoc! Woop!

I’m sure many children and parents across Wales have come across the first book, because it was included as part of BookTrust Cymru’s Dechrau Da/Bookstart program. This is the one where every child in Wales was given a free pack of books before turning three.

Well, now the little creatures are back and just as vibrant, colourful, and full of beans as ever. This time, we’re not talking about numbers though, but feelings – and those can be very tricky to navigate, can’t they?

The style of the books is very modern, and illustrator Steven Goldstone clearly has talent when it comes to digital design. The pictures are very impressive, and the cute little monsters and their silly tricks are sure to appeal to young children. I like that the direction and shape of the font is varied from page to page which keeps things interesting. There's certainly plenty of excitement on every page.

As young children develop, they have to try to make sense of all the different feelings. They could be laughing heartily one minute and bawling their eyes out the next. Learning to manage emotions is something that takes time, and a book like this is sure to be useful as it discusses the ups and downs of everyday life and all the different feelings. One of the key messages being- it’s okay to feel the way you feel.

As for the humour, well, any mention of bogeys, farts and things like that is bound to appeal little ones, even if it makes boring old people like me roll their eyes!

There's also an interactive element to the book, because they've included a few activities to do at the end of the book. Handy.

Llio and I (team Sôn am Lyfra) are expecting our first child in July, and whilst I was tackling my list of jobs – (putting up the bookshelf in the baby room) I thought to myself ‘this book’s gonna look good on the new shelf! I’m really looking forward to being able to share it with the little one when he’s a bit older. I think the cover just screams ‘pick me up!’

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Publisher: Atebol

Released: 2022

Price: £7.99

Format: softcover





(from BookTrust website)

About Joey Bananas

Steven Goldstone

Steven is a Designer and Illustrator. He’s designed several websites and apps for children including the ‘Muppets Movie’ site for Disney and children’s sites for S4C. He also illustrates the ‘Bwci Bo’ picture book series for young children. ‘How Many Bwci Bos?’ published by Atebol, was selected as BookTrust Cymru’s BookStart book for young children in 2022. The next Bwci Bo book, ‘How are you, Bwci Bo?’ was published in late 2022. He is married to Joanna and lives in Llantwit Major.

Joanna Davies

Joanna is a Writer and Creative Producer. She’s worked as a Senior Producer for ITV Cymru, S4C and the BBC. She’s produced television progammes and websites for adults and children including Cbeebies and Bitesize. Joanna has written several bilingual novels and is the author of ‘How Many Bwci Bos?’, BookTrust Cymru’s 2022 Bookstart book for young children. The next Bwci Bo book in the series, ‘How are you, Bwci Bo?’ was published in late 2022 . She is married to Steven and lives in Llantwit Major.



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